ICA officer and civillian incident

Trying to be fair to both side, i think it takes 2 hand to clap. The guy that posted on facebook was obviously trying to be cheeky with the officer on duty. Random checks have become such a common place now. We even have it on the MRT! The poster had already known that this was nothing but a random check but tried to be chicky by asking “what the office saw in his outlook that caused him to be picked”. 

The office should have and could have replied that this is just a random check and nothing was wrong with his outlook. If he had just said so and continued with his job i doubt anything would have happened.

Towards the end i can't help but feel that the officer was trying to intimidate the civilian in this case by asking to take down his details and asking him to follow him into the search room (both of which had no basis or need but probably within the right and power of the officer). 

I myself have had to deal with custom as well as police officer before from time to time and yes i do agree that the tone and attitude that some can take is pretty offensive. Kind of a follow my instruction or else kind of tone.

See the article on stomp by following the link below:

“A man wrote on Facebook about the 'injustice' he allegedly suffered, after a dispute with an officer from the Immigrations & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) at Changi Airport yesterday (Oct 14).

In his post, PJ Wong said that he had collected his luggage when he was was asked by the officer to scan his belongings.

He then asked the officer why he had to do so, but was apparently ignored. When he repeated his question in a louder voice, the officer allegedly asked for Wong's passport to take down his details.”

Article at: ICA officer and civillian incident