Gay club shooting – my view

This is really sad. I think it is normal for humans to have conflicting views but the beauty about us humans is we have the ability to accept others for whom they are.

To kill someone is wrong but to kill someone whom you have no history with but just based on some set of values is really sad.


CHICAGO – Across the United States, reaction to the massacre at a Orlando, Florida gay nightclub ranged from mourning to defiance, as many cities planned vigils and some officials increased security. President Barack Obama ordered US flags at all federal… Credits: Mourning and defiance in US after massacre at gay club


Greed vs Punishment.

I wonder what happens to the money he has earned. Pretty sure he is under stress right now but still with that much money earned is it worth it? 

I recall the other ren ci case where my friend brought up a good point. The money hidden will never be found. The culprit might spend a few years behind bars but once he is release he will live a life better than what many can live with the money he has left in his bank.


SINGAPORE – As the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) moved against his former employer BSI Bank for serious breaches of anti-money laundering requirements, two fresh cheating charges were pressed against Yeo Jiawei, formerly a wealth planner at the… Credits: Ex-BSI banker Yeo faces two new charges of cheating


Another Air craft missing.

Wow yet another missing aircraft. When considering the fact that it is more likely to die in a car crash than a air craft crash, the number of aviation incident recently is shocking.

I wonder if this is just some coincidence of some sort but it does take the thrill of travelling out of my spirit. Hope the plane can be found fast instead of turning out to be another MH370.



CAIRO/ATHENS – An EgyptAir jet carrying 66 passengers and crew from Paris to Cairo disappeared from radar over the Mediterranean on Thursday in a crash that Egypt said may have been caused by a terrorist attack. Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said it… Credits: EgyptAir jet vanishes after mid-air plunge over Mediterranean

CAIRO – An EgyptAir plane on its way from Paris to Cairo with 66 people on board crashed in the Mediterranean yesterday. Wreckage was spotted off a Greek island, and investigations were launched to determine if the plane had been brought down by a bomb. Egypt… Credits: Terrorism ‘not ruled out’ in EgyptAir plane crash


Kbox fined for data privacy breach

Personal data protection act has been around for quite some time now and i am glad that some action is being taken by the authorities against a company that is considered large. Still i hope that this serves as a warning to the smaller companies or property agents. 

Personally i recieved at least 1 non solicated sms everyday and i really hope that this news would spread to stop this bad practice. 

In fact shouldn't some responsibilities fall on the vendor that provide such services?

The Personal Data Protection Commission fined karaoke chain K Box Entertainment S$50,000 for not having sufficient security measures during the 2014 database breach. Credits: PDPC takes action against 11 firms for data privacy breaches


Star wars themed MRT gets mixed review?


I wonder what is wrong with Singaporeans, Mixed reactions? This is Star Wars! I may not be a huge fan of the movie but i do appreciate a good one when i see it. Enjoy and have fun. Stop being so serious and tacit about everything sometimes. Life is short 🙂
In case you haven't noticed, Star Wars fever is at an all time high. Star Wars shirts, mugs, toys and pretty much everything else you can think of. Soon, we'll also have Star Wars themed SMRT trains.

 Credits: New Star Wars themed SMRT trains greeted with mixed reactions


ICA officer and civillian incident

Trying to be fair to both side, i think it takes 2 hand to clap. The guy that posted on facebook was obviously trying to be cheeky with the officer on duty. Random checks have become such a common place now. We even have it on the MRT! The poster had already known that this was nothing but a random check but tried to be chicky by asking “what the office saw in his outlook that caused him to be picked”. 

The office should have and could have replied that this is just a random check and nothing was wrong with his outlook. If he had just said so and continued with his job i doubt anything would have happened.

Towards the end i can't help but feel that the officer was trying to intimidate the civilian in this case by asking to take down his details and asking him to follow him into the search room (both of which had no basis or need but probably within the right and power of the officer). 

I myself have had to deal with custom as well as police officer before from time to time and yes i do agree that the tone and attitude that some can take is pretty offensive. Kind of a follow my instruction or else kind of tone.

See the article on stomp by following the link below:

“A man wrote on Facebook about the 'injustice' he allegedly suffered, after a dispute with an officer from the Immigrations & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) at Changi Airport yesterday (Oct 14).

In his post, PJ Wong said that he had collected his luggage when he was was asked by the officer to scan his belongings.

He then asked the officer why he had to do so, but was apparently ignored. When he repeated his question in a louder voice, the officer allegedly asked for Wong's passport to take down his details.”

Article at: ICA officer and civillian incident


How to design your garden path? –


For those whom are living in landed homes (which is probably only 20% max in Singapore), the pathway into your home is what that will set aside your home to that of your neighbour. 
The pathway in is what gives the entire impression of ones home even before the guest has stepped into the door or even for pass bys walking past. A beautiful pathway gives a “wow” factor.
Attach is a article from on the steps to consider when planning for your pathway.
Paths, whether stretching from street to door or winding through gardens, have always intrigued me. Perhaps it’s because their lines lead the eye and there are so many great design and material options for them, yet they often

 Credits: How to Design Garden Paths That Bring a Landscape to Life (17 photos)



Polling Day!

Polling day is finally here! One of the best free public holiday you can get i guess. While it is still a few hours away from the time the results is announced, there is kind of a sense of excitement in the air.

Go into any coffee shop and you will likely here some discussion on the possible results we may get tonight.


SINGAPORE — Here's a look at what's happening on the ground as some 2.46 million Singaporeans go to the polls in the country's 12th General Election. Polling stations open from 8am today (Sept 11) until 8pm, and the first results are expected a few hours later. For the first time, the Elections Department will release sample counts for all constituencies contested as soon as possible — these are expected by 10pm. In another first, all 89 seats in 16 GRCs and 13 SMCs are being contested



Minimum Wage Request From Worker Party


I really do think this is something that should be implemented. At $1k per month or 12k per annum, this is really the bare minimum for anyone to make a living in Singapore. Read more on the original news below. Good job Worker Party.

SINGAPORE: The Workers’ Party (WP) is proposing a “phased rollout” of a national minimum wage starting at S$1,000 a month — around 80 per cent of the average household expenditure on basic needs here.

This amount will be increased gradually over a period “of a few years” to S$1,250, said WP candidate for East Coast Leon Perera.



Worker Party – The latest “hot property” in Singapore Politcal Scene

First of let me apologise if the recent post has seemed a little politcal. But this cannot be helped seeing there is a general election fever in Singapore right now. Since the GE in 2011, one party that has gain lots of ground is the worker party. I myself have been a PAP supporter ever since i came to Singapore but there has been many cases which has occured over the years that made me realized that perhaps, having a 1 party system might not be that good after all (frankly the thing that shook me is the AIM saga that was uncovered thanks in part to the worker party winning a GRC.

This to me a is something major yet somehow or another it is being handled on quite a low profile by the media. Following this i started to see how detached the ruling party is from works on the ground. Many of my friends whom have just started their own business in the last few years have told me that they are going to vote for the ruling party. This is because of the fear of what could happen if the PAP should lose their ground. Some of them actually rely on government grants and claims to earn a living for example, the PIC grant.

However, after much soul searching i realize that what i am about to vote for is not for the present but for the future. I am not opposing the ruling party but rather voting in hope that a 2 party system much like those in the States would be for the better. I remember a story from a male friend of mine some time back with regards to his time in the army. There is a test conducted every year to grade the combat readiness of their unit during that year but he quipped that it was really crazy that because what he does is quite specialize and as such the person that decides the contents of the exercise, supervise the exercise and grades the exercise are non other than people from their own unit. He went on to point out that if this is done in the corporate world, it is as good as a company auditing themselves. So basically the person on top would definitely want a good grade or report since it would affect his promotion or their share prices.

With this, i have been following the worker party intently. My vote may or may not be for them as of yet but i am glad that it finally seemed like their is a opposition that is worth my vote which has been my concern in the past.

Thinking back now, i voted for the ruling party than because of the lack of option. It was not really much of a vote but rather a process to finish just for the sake of doing so at that time. Reflecting back i am glad that the political scene has change that much and there is another choice of quality in the market.

For more information on the worker party you can visit: