Singapore election – Boundaries announced.

Yup its time again for the votes to be voted and the people to reaffirm their faith in the ruling party. With so many dissatisfied Singaporean, this election could give us some interesting results! A possibility of a change in ruling political party is almost impossible still thanks to the lack of a qualified opposition party. However there are still hopes that the workers party will work their way up. Personally i am not sure how did the worker party managed to get that far and yet not get sued yet as per what has happened to the any previous opposition. Anyway i just hope that the economy wont turn bad once the election is over.

One of the main talking points right now would be the new boundaries being set. Many Singaporeans can’t help but feel that it is yet another political tool for the PAP to remain in power. The main highlight for me is on the news on some MPs dropping out of the running for this election due to dissatisfaction with some of the policy implemented lately. Well, seems like times are changing and this election would just be the start of the storm that is brewing.


SINGAPORE: The Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC) on Friday (Jul 24) released its keenly-awaited report on new electoral boundaries, the clearest sign yet that the General Election may be round the corner.

In the report, which has been accepted by the Government, the EBRC recommends that the city-state be carved up into 29 electoral divisions, comprising 13 Single Member Constituencies (SMCs) – up from 12 in the last election – and 16 Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs), a rise from 15 previously.