The Life Of a Plumber

Just got to know a plumber by coincidence and i must say that a job as a plumber is quite interesting. 

One thing i must admit is how hard the industry the industry has been hit by freelancers as well as goverment taxes.

For a plumber to run as a company, it requires them to have additional overhead as compared to a free lancer. The plumber whom i spoke to was very forthcoming with the challanges. According to him overheads that we cant see includes courses for the technician which can cost $2k easily, insurance for his staff, advertising overheads which accounts for 50% of his expenses and more. 

While at times i do find paying more than a $100 for a service of a plumber excessive, i now do realize that there are several things which we do not see as a customer.

In fact, i do not understand why we willingly spend money on items that are marked up 100%-2000% more (come on how much can a bread and meat cost) with larger co-operation while stinge on paying small company a wage that is only decent enough to survive in the market.

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As mentioned above i can't say the rates are the cheapest but the technician that i spoke to opened my eyes to the stuff i couldnt see and well…my plumbing problems are solved and i am satisfied with their work.