Trump leading the election

I really love the man obama. How he sees the situation as it is. Even while i myself am still letting the fact that trump is going to be the next potus seep in. It seems that obama has already realized that the situation is set in stone and there is nothing much we can do about it.

I am still shell shock at how the win is not by a narrow margin. It does seem crazy how someone like trump can win the election. Well it is not like the alternative is much better. 

Still i dont see a great future for america. Not with this kind of results. It shows the ignorance on some part of its people and i am pretty sure china i


NEW YORK – American President Barack Obama, in his first public comments early today since Republican Donald Trump's stunning election victory, pledged to work with the President-elect to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. “We are all rooting for his… Credits: America must now root for Trump’s success: Obama