Worker Party – The latest “hot property” in Singapore Politcal Scene

First of let me apologise if the recent post has seemed a little politcal. But this cannot be helped seeing there is a general election fever in Singapore right now. Since the GE in 2011, one party that has gain lots of ground is the worker party. I myself have been a PAP supporter ever since i came to Singapore but there has been many cases which has occured over the years that made me realized that perhaps, having a 1 party system might not be that good after all (frankly the thing that shook me is the AIM saga that was uncovered thanks in part to the worker party winning a GRC.

This to me a is something major yet somehow or another it is being handled on quite a low profile by the media. Following this i started to see how detached the ruling party is from works on the ground. Many of my friends whom have just started their own business in the last few years have told me that they are going to vote for the ruling party. This is because of the fear of what could happen if the PAP should lose their ground. Some of them actually rely on government grants and claims to earn a living for example, the PIC grant.

However, after much soul searching i realize that what i am about to vote for is not for the present but for the future. I am not opposing the ruling party but rather voting in hope that a 2 party system much like those in the States would be for the better. I remember a story from a male friend of mine some time back with regards to his time in the army. There is a test conducted every year to grade the combat readiness of their unit during that year but he quipped that it was really crazy that because what he does is quite specialize and as such the person that decides the contents of the exercise, supervise the exercise and grades the exercise are non other than people from their own unit. He went on to point out that if this is done in the corporate world, it is as good as a company auditing themselves. So basically the person on top would definitely want a good grade or report since it would affect his promotion or their share prices.

With this, i have been following the worker party intently. My vote may or may not be for them as of yet but i am glad that it finally seemed like their is a opposition that is worth my vote which has been my concern in the past.

Thinking back now, i voted for the ruling party than because of the lack of option. It was not really much of a vote but rather a process to finish just for the sake of doing so at that time. Reflecting back i am glad that the political scene has change that much and there is another choice of quality in the market.

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